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Read here the ancient history and the origin of The Silly Shepherd!

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Once upon a time there was a miller who had three sons. The older two were considerably more cunning and sneakier than the youngest. The youngest was also often bullied. When his father asked him what he wanted to become later, he replied; "I would like to become a shepherd." So the boy became a shepherd at a farmer located near the Slakweg 5 in Gronsveld. One day an old woman came up to him and asked how he got here as a shepherd to which the boy replied; "My brothers think I'm stupid and my father thinks I'm a fool with two left hands. The farmer and the farmer's wife are very good to me and feed me 3 times a day.

The female then asked him, "Is there anything I can give you to make you more happy then you are now?" Well the boy says I would like a bagpipe. Then I get you one said the woman and with a magic wand the woman conjures up a bagpipe. Good luck with it, and she disappeared. The boy immediately went to try the bagpipe. He blew and suddenly the sheep's, the goats, the horses, the donkeys, the pig, and the rabbits began to dance in the meadow. From then on, the boy played his bagpipes every day and the herd danced every day through the meadow, the dancing did the animals well, they grew like cabbage and all looked healthy. When the rich farmer died, he gave his flock and farm to the shepherd. He kept playing his bagpipes every day until one day he got too old for it, he sold the farm and said I have another wish; Can you make something out of it that young and old can enjoy. Of course, said the farmer. You can now experience the fairy tale here every day!

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